Sha Luo


A solo exhibition at SVA BFA Photo 4th floor 
4/10-4/21 2023

The exhibition consists of three parts: videos, objects, and a performance that requires the participation of the viewers. Consciously observing, I make work that presents the perception of tension and sensory feeling in imagery. Through creating ambiguity with blurry and delusive information, as if you are looking through a frosted glass, I remove my own existence in my work and the “I” is no longer the center. The only thing that remains is the experience, an ephemeral feeling. By inviting people to reorganize and play with prints of various sizes, I explore the gap between the intention of the artist and the perception of the viewers. When the viewer places the prints in their favored composition, they thereby reciprocate my effort to deliver sensibility.

Poster designed by Jing Xie